High Magnitude Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Turkey and Syria First 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake

Turkey and Syria both are the Muslim countries of the world. Both are Neighbour countries of each other and have good relations with each other. On 6 February 2023 a 7.8 high intensity of earthquake damages the people of Turkey and Syria. This high magnitude earthquake destroys many buildings and killed thousands of people. It was happened at southern and central area of the Turkey and the western part of Syria. This high intensity earthquake damages Gaziantep the city of Turkey and affect area about 32.4 Kilometers. This earthquake happened early in the morning time 04:17 am. People were very afraid of that natural disaster and started to run away from their buildings, homes and their workplaces and were very terrified of this high intensity earthquake. On that day 9 hours after that horrible earthquake, another earthquake of 7.7 Mercalli intensity was felt by the people of north-northeast Kahramanmaraş Province and affect the area of 95 kilometers (about 59.03 mi). This incident damages both Syria and Turkey very badly.

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Damage in Turkey and Syria due to earthquakes

That earthquake was followed by more than two thousand and one hundred aftershocks. This sequence of aftershocks damages the people very badly. Recent information shows that more than 47,840 deaths happened due to this earthquake and more than 122,500 people were injured due to the effect of earthquake. In this report over more than 41,000 people were killed in Turkey and almost 6,600 people were killed in Syria and 108,000 people in the Turkey were injured and over 14,500 people were injured due to this earthquake. The temperature of Turkey is very cold in these days, and it causes very difficulties in rescuing the injured people from the debris of the buildings. Due to this severe freezing cold temperature and snow falling, the rescue operation was very hard. This earthquake caused a loss of approximately US 84.1 billion dollars. This is the deadliest earthquake of the Turkey and Syria.

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

20 February 2023 Earthquake in Turkey and Syria 6.4 Magnitude

On 20 February 2023 another earthquake shock of about 6.4 magnitude was felt by the people of Hatay Province yesterday Monday. This earthquake killed six people and many people were injured due to this earthquake. These recent earthquakes cause many damages to Turkey and Syria. Pakistan and many Muslim countries now helping their Muslim brothers of Turkey and Syria.   

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