Kenny Omega’s Contract Situation

Kenny Omega’s Contract Situation

Due to injury time, Kenny Omega’s AEW contract has been extended, but the length is unknown.

Due to a variety of injuries that necessitated both surgery and rehabilitation, Omega was out of action for roughly nine months—from November 2021 to August 2022.

Meltzer said that Omega’s contract was supposed to end on January 31 of this year. His initial contract was for four years, starting on February 1st. 2019, with no option for an extension. However, AEW was able to extend it because it contained an injury clause.

Omega, one third of the currently defending AEW Trios Champions, is working under a contract, despite Meltzer’s statement that the amount of time being added “hasn’t been finalized.”

Kenny Omega’s Contract Situation

At the Revolution on Sunday of next week, Omega and the Young Bucks are expected to defend their Trios titles against the House of Black.

It was also mentioned that Omega’s best friend Kota Ibushi is currently a free agent and has openly talked about working for WWE or AEW; consequently, that could have an impact on what Kenny Omega does in the end.

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