United states and China spy balloon incident

China balloon incident:

The United States and China have always hated each other and never came on a single page. The United States and China both are the Superpowers of the world, and both are in the race of becoming the strongest and most successful countries in the world. Both the United States and China wanted to rule over the world and for this purpose, they are in competition for technology and development.

Balloon launched:

From the end of January 28, 2023, to February 4, 2023, a Chinese-developed high balloon was sent around North America, Alaska, the Area of western Canada, and the United States.

United States detection of the balloon:

On February 4, 2023, the United States detected a mysterious object floating in the sky coming towards them. The United States air forces caught this object in their radar system and then they ordered their air force to shoot this object that is floating in the sky. After shooting the balloon it falls into the Atlantic Ocean and the United States Joe Biden Ordered the armed forces to locate or find this mysterious object in the ocean water. In this search operation, the armed forces got the pieces of the balloon with some devices attached to it. Then this balloon was given for research to the FBI to investigate or examine the devices attached to the balloon. In this report, the FBI was informed that the balloon was launched by China for spies.

After effects of the incident:

After this Balloon incident, the United States Called it a spy technique to observe us. After this News, China said that it was only an aircraft used to study only the weather conditions, but the United States did not accept this remark for China and called this spying. This Incident Created more bad relations between them and now this created more anger and rivalry between the two countries and this incident has made the relationship between both countries very poor. As a result of this balloon incident, the security on the borders of both countries has been on high alert.

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